3 Reasons to Get Summer Family Photos

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Some of my favorite childhood memories are from the summer. I could not wait for the last day of school. I always wanted to leave right away to head to the lake and the beach. Now I get just as excited for my kids last day of school and the freedom to come and go as we please, the days spent at the beach and pools. As the summers are going by and although my kids are still young, it’s becoming more apparent that these summers are fleeting. As summer is quickly approaching, let me share 3 reasons to get summer family photos.

1. This is the last year they’ll be this little

Every day those little kiddos wake up a little older and a little more independent. It may not seem like it daily but when you look at it from summer to summer, there are big changes. Your last trip to the beach at the end of summer looks very different from your first trip the following summer. Babies get teeth and start moving. Toddlers start losing those baby faces and getting hair that fits in braids and ponies. Kids start losing baby teeth and getting braces. Teens start driving and getting jobs.

New Jersey Beach Photographer, Mom Lifting Son in Air with Blue Sky

Nancy Elizabeth Photography | Jersey Shore Documentary Beach Photographer | Girl Splashing

2. Summer is Fun

Summer is a time when there is generally less stress and less to do. There are no school responsibilities, less sports and more time outside. That also means, more time as a family and family vacations. The day to day chaos of running around takes a back seat to fun in the sun. Take the time to capture these special summer days.

Nancy Elizabeth Photography, Family with Teens at Beach

New Jersey Beach Photographer, Boy Jumping In Ocean Wave

3. Because You Were There Too

I have a gazillion pictures of my kids on our vacations. But they also need pictures of me there too. If you’re always the one taking the photos, you miss being part of the moment and you’ll be missing from your photo albums. I may not be thrilled about getting in pictures all the time but one day in the near future, I will thank myself for these memories and so will my kids!

Nancy Elizabeth Photography | Jersey Shore Documentary Beach Photographer | Mom Lifting Girl in Air

Nancy Elizabeth Photography | Jersey Shore Documentary Beach Photographer | Mom Playing with Daughter by Ocean

So whether you capture your family with documentary images of your vacation or a lifestyle family session, in 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 plus years, you will be so glad you did…and so will your kids!

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