Hi, I’m Nancy…

I am the photographer at Nancy Elizabeth Photography. Although my passion for photography didn’t fully explode until I was married, I have always loved taking and looking at pictures. Reminiscing over old family photos and photos of my kids always spark so many memories and feelings. Capturing those photos which draw out emotion just by looking at them is what drove me to pursue my passion in lifestyle photography. 

I want to capture you and your family as you are today and the things you will remember about this moment in time; the laughter, the chaos, the quiet moments and the details.

I have also always loved the many different outlets of crafting.   Creating stop motions for brands is one of my favorite ways to tap into all different ways to use crafting and my imagination to make items come to life.

more about me

I ♥ coffee

no matter the time of year, i really love iced coffee


fall & summer are my favorite seasons


I am a proud self-taught photographer

xmas trees

nothing beats the aroma of a Christmas tree