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How Much is a Picture Worth?

We have all heard the quote, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But what does that mean? The quote refers to the idea that a picture can more easily describe something complex. I actually like to think it means … Read More

Your Life As Art – Manual Mode

Last week, we learned the exposure triangle. This gave a basic understanding of the 3 elements (ISO, shutter speed, and aperture) that work together to get a properly exposed picture when using manual mode. In manual mode on your camera, … Read More

Your Life As Art – Camera Modes

Last week, I told you a little about what prompted my desire to learn more about photography. This week, we are jumping in to learning about our camera and the different modes you can shoot in. As I said last … Read More

Your Life As Art – Introduction

While I have always liked photography, it wasn’t until I had my second child and a new house to decorate that like turned to love. I had visions of decorating my house with pictures of our life but my pictures … Read More

Family Portraits And Your Child’s Self Esteem

A lot of people think family portraits are something they’re just doing for mom. But research is showing mom isn’t the only one who benefits from having family portraits done. Turns out, family portraits boost your child’s self esteem.

Blog Coming Soon

In the next week or two I’m hoping to get this blog up and running. So please check back for more posts soon! In the meantime, besides sharing sessions and images, tell me some photography tips and tricks you’d like … Read More