6 Tips to Get Kids Photo Session Ready

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You’ve booked your photo session, you’ve decided on what everyone will wear and now you are stressing about if your kids will behave and smile for the camera. Kids are unpredictable and always seem to be looking for a way to do the opposite of what you want. When it comes to photos and mom being stressed about them, they seem to know just the right buttons to push. Here are a 6 tips to get kids photo session ready.

1. Eat

Hungry kids (and even adults) are not happy, they can be short fused and angry. The term “hangry”, is real. Make sure your kids have a good snack or dinner before their session.

Nancy Elizabeth Photography, New Jersey, Dad and Daughter

2. Rest

Tired kids are more prone to meltdowns or some when they get overtired just get a little more crazy and whacky. To make sure your kids are rested and ready, have a quiet, non stress day where naps are a priority. I know quite a few dads who would also like that!.

3. Comfort

I don’t like dresses, these shoes hurt, my shirt is itchy, and so on and so on. Kids can be picky about their clothes. But if someone is uncomfortable, it shows in the pictures. Check out my what to wear post for tips on getting your family picture ready and staying comfortable.

Nancy Elizabeth Photography,  Family Photographer, Big Brother Spinning Little Sister

4. Reminisce

Kids love to look at pictures of themselves! Show them pictures from your session last year, pictures you’ve taken with your phone and talk about the photo session you have coming up. Share your excitement to spend time with them at the session and how you can’t wait to look through the photos together.

NancyElizabeth Photography | New Jersey Child Photographer | Girls holding Parents Hands

5. Relax

Kids have a sixth sense for when you are stressed and they react and feed off of that. Think of your family session as an hour to spend with your family disconnected from electronics and the day to day hustle and bustle. Trust that no matter how much you think your kids are acting up or not listening, your photographer doesn’t notice, doesn’t care and is still making amazing pictures of your family. Kids will be kids and not wanting their picture taken is usually a given! Let them be and trust your photographer.

NancyElizabeth Photography | New Jersey Family Photographer | Kids Hugging Mom and Dad

6. Special Treats / Rewards

If you plan to offer kids a special treat for listening / behaving, I suggest holding off till the end of the session to mention it. Kids can become fixated on that special reward and, as I’m sure all moms know, kids don’t have much patience. The session for the kids then seems to last forever because they just want their special treat. I would suggest pulling out the idea of offering a reward in the last 10-15 minutes of the session when we are finishing up, to hold their attention a little longer.

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