Your Life As Art – 6 Tips to Get Kids Smiling

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Easter is around the corner and that means family get togethers and attempts at pictures of your kiddos all dressed up. The hope for one picture of everyone looking at the camera and smiling. Always sounds like a quick good idea but usually ends up in tears, fits, and frustration, I’ve been there. But now, I have a 6 tips to get kids smiling and looking at me without bribing!

1. Be Ready

First and foremost, kids have a short attention span. They want to run and move and play. So, before you bring them over to where you want to take their picture, make sure you are ready; your camera is set and ready to go, any adults and older kids are ready and where you want them. Once you have that ready, put the little ones where you want them and figure you have a max of 10 min to get your picture.

2. Don’t Smile

Anyone with kids knows they like to do the opposite of what you ask. Tell your kids not to smile at you. Playfully and with a fun energy say things like, “I’m serious, don’t smile at me. Is that a smile I see? I said don’t smile at me. Hey, hide those smiles. I don’t want any smiles over here.” This usually results in some giggles and smiles!

3. Can you See My Eye?

This one only works if you are using your DSLR camera and not a phone. If you are aiming more for eye contact and worried less about smiles, this is a simple trick. Ask if they can see your eye in your lense. Another option is to ask if they can see their favorite tv show character, princess, a rainbow, etc.

4. Change the Words

Does your Kiddo have a favorite song they know the words to? Well, sing the song but change up the words. “ABCD…Where is the monkey?” They will most likely laugh and tell you, you sang it wrong. Tell them you’ll try again and you are sure you got it this time but sing it wrong another time.

5. Ask For Help

If you have someone stand directly behind you, they can do all sorts of crazy things to get some smiles, singing, dancing, giving you bunny ears, etc. But in order to ensure you have good eye contact in your picture, you’ll want the person helping you to stand directly behind or over one of your shoulders. You don’t want wandering eyes in your picture.

6. Have Fun

Don’t make getting the perfect picture stressful for you or the kiddos. They will pick up on it. And remember, when you were little the last thing you wanted to do was have your picture taken too. So, have some fun (make silly faces, laugh as loud as you can, etc). And get it done fast so you can all go back to enjoying the day!

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