South Jersey Family Photographer – 3 Reasons I’m All Inclusive

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When you book a photography session, pricing is different from photographer to photographer. Some charge a session fee and then you buy prints or digital files after. Others offer a specific number of digitals and then you can purchase additional. Next is all inclusive, which means you pay one price for the session and a minimum number of digital files. There’s no right or wrong pricing model, it’s what works best for the photographer and the families who trust them to capture their moments. Here are 3 reasons I’m all inclusive.

New Jersey Family Photographer, Nancy Elizabeth Photography, Close UP Sisters Laughing

1. Your Memories Don’t Belong On My Hard drive

With an all inclusive photography session, you get a minimum number of hi resolution digital files but many times you receive more than that. The reason is, they are your memories and your moments of your family, they don’t belong on my hard drive because you had to make a decision on which ones to buy. They belong in your home with your family for years to come.

When I’m going through my own pictures of my kids I have a hard time picking favorites. One may be traditional with smiles looking at the camera but another may capture a look or smirk that captures their personality so much better. The great thing is I don’t have to choose a favorite. I can print them both. I don’t want you to have to choose between those pictures either because each has a place and can be loved for different reasons.

New Jersey Family Photographer, Nancy Elizabeth Photography, Boy Smirking

Nancy Elizabeth Photography, New Jersey Photographer, Girl Smiling

2. No Surprises

When you get your first cell phone bill after changing plans, it always ends up being more than you expected. I never understand all the additional costs. I’m simple. I like easy peasy and knowing what the cost is up front. Photography sessions are an investment that you save and plan for in your budget. With the all inclusive model, you know exactly how much you will spend before you even book.

New Jersey Family Photographer, Nancy Elizabeth Photography, Brothers Laughing

New Jersey Family Photographer, Nancy Elizabeth Photography, Family Hugging

3. Life is Busy

Parenting life is chaotic and hectic. It’s hard enough to get a session planned around all the kids sports and activities. Going back to the I’m simple motto; let’s make things easy. With the all inclusive model, you can order your prints from the comfort of your home, when the kids are fast asleep. There are no additional times to set up to review your images and place orders.

New Jersey Family Photographer, Nancy Elizabeth Photography, Family Walking with Blue Sky

Nancy Elizabeth Photography, New Jersey, Family Tickle


A family photo session is an investment and depending on what you want from that session, should help you choose the right photographer for you. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to the type of photography session you choose. It comes down to what you want out of the investment you are making. Click here to check out a blog post to learn more about All Inclusive Photography Session.

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