South Jersey Family Photographer – 3 Tips for a Relaxed Session

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You’ve booked your photo session because you want beautiful pictures of your family but the inevitable stressing begins! What will everyone wear? Are my kids going behave and smile for the camera? Let’s face it, for moms, the days leading up to and the day of a photo session can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are a 3 tips for a relaxed session.

NancyElizabethPhotography, South Jersey Photographer, Family of 4 Playing on Beach

1. Comfort

I don’t like dresses, these shoes hurt, my shirt is itchy, and so on and so on. Kids can be picky about their clothes. If someone is uncomfortable, it shows in the pictures. Finding something for everyone to wear is hard. My number one tip for planning the family outfits is comfort first. For more tips on what to wear for Fall Family Sessions, click here to check out a blog post.

NancyElizabethPhotography, South Jersey Photographer, Siblings on Bridge

NancyElizabethPhotography, South Jersey Photographer, Family Hug By Flowers

2. Rest & Reminisce

If the day of your session is packed with activities, the day is already going to be stressful from running and rushing around. Try to make the day of your session as low key as you can. This removes the rush of getting ready and it gives everyone a chance to rest. Use the low key day to reminisce over past photo sessions and pictures and videos on your phone. Share your excitement over having these memories to look back on, and that you can’t wait to make more today.

NancyElizabethPhotography, South Jersey Photographer, Mom Kissing Daughter Cheek

New Jersey Family Photographer, Nancy Elizabeth Photography, Mom Spinning Daughter

3. Relax

Kids have a sixth sense for when you are stressed and they react and feed off of that. Think of your family session as an hour to spend with your family disconnected from electronics and the day to day hustle and bustle. Trust that no matter how much you think your kids are acting up or not listening, your photographer doesn’t notice, doesn’t care and is still making amazing pictures of your family. Kids will be kids and not wanting their picture taken is usually a given! Let them be and trust your photographer.

NancyElizabethPhotography, South Jersey Photographer, Family Laughing on Beach

New Jersey Family Photographer, Nancy Elizabeth Photography, Brothers Laughing

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