What is an All Inclusive Photography Session?

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A lot of times when you book a family session, you pay one price for the session and then another price to buy prints and / or digital images. For me and the pictures I like to take and actually prefer, this pricing structure did not work. So, I set up my business to be an all inclusive photography session.

Nancy Elizabeth Family Photographer, New Jersey Photographer, Family Walking and Swinging Youngest

What do you get with an all inclusive photography session?

With an all inclusive photography session you are paying one price. That one price includes the session, the hand editing of each image, and the hi resolution digital files (minimum for a family session is 40 hi resolution digital files). *Please note that sales tax is not included in the all inclusive session price

NancyElizabeth Photography | New Jersey Family Photographer | Freckles and Eye Lashes

Why Am I All Inclusive?

First, when I’m going through my own pictures of my kids I have a hard time picking favorites. One may be more traditional with smiles looking at the camera but another may capture a look or smirk that captures their personality so much better. The great thing is I don’t have to choose a favorite. I can print them both. I didn’t want you to have to choose between those pictures either because each has a place and can be loved for different reasons.

Next, the flow of my sessions does not allot for the majority of pictures to be posed traditional smile at the camera. If you have checked out my portfolio, you’ll see movement, laughs, serious / inquisitive faces and smiles. I don’t want you to choose between those moments.

NancyElizabeth New Jersey Child Photographer |Close Up Portrait with Wind Blowing Hair

NancyElizabeth Photography | New Jersey Child Photographer | Serious Portrait of Toddler Boy

NancyElizabeth Photography | New Jersey Child Photographer | Girl in Pink Dress Twirling

Is all inclusive right for you?

A family photo session is an investment and depending on what you want from that session, should help you choose the right photographer for you.

If you want someone to handle ordering the prints, wall displays, and don’t want a lot of digital files, then you’ll want to find a photographer who offers a pricing structure in line with these wants.

If you want a large variety of images (smiles, silly, serious, etc), where digital files and printing on your own are more of a priority, then an all inclusive session would be the way to go.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to the type of photography session you choose, it comes down to what you want out of the investment you are making.

Nancy Elizabeth Photography, New Jersey Photographer, Mom and Daughter

NancyElizabeth New Jersey Child Photographer | Sisters Telling Secrets

New Jersey Family Photographer, Nancy Elizabeth Photographer, Sisters Smiling

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