Your Life As Art – Editing Photos

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You take this awesome photo of your kids but something is missing, it just doesn’t look as good as when you get your family photos done. Heres the thing, after your session, a lot of time is spent on editing your images to give them that wow factor. When I first started down this journey, I had no idea about what went on behind the scenes. I spent and continue to spend, a lot of time learning about all the different aspects of editing a photo. I want to share a before and after with you to let you in on a little of what goes on behind the scenes with editing photos.


Most cameras and phones are set up to shoot in jpeg. JPEG files are slightly processed by the camera you are using. Many photographers shoot in a format called RAW. RAW files preserve all the data and are not processed at all. This makes them a higher quality image and gives the photographer the ability to edit all aspects of the photo.

Color Correctness

When I edit an image, the first thing, and most important, I correct is white balance. Basically, white balance ensures that whites are white and any color casts are correct. A lot of images can have a blue tone to them or green if there is a lot of greenery around. If you’re taking underwater photos, everyone will look blue.

Fine Tuning

After I get the image color correct I add contrast, adjust highlights and shadows, and correct or adjust anything specific to the photos. This is part of the creative process for the photographer.



The process of editing is a personal and creative one. Every person would edit the same photo differently. There is no correct way, it is up to the photographer and their vision. Many photographers have a process they follow so their photographs have a consistent look and feel.

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