Your Life As Art – Introduction

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While I have always liked photography, it wasn’t until I had my second child and a new house to decorate that like turned to love. I had visions of decorating my house with pictures of our life but my pictures were snapshots, not art. I did not want snapshots decorating the freshly painted walls of my new house, I wanted our life as art on my new walls.


So, I set out on a mission to learn everything I possibly could about photography and about editing. While there is always so much to learn in the world of photography, I finally have my walls decorated with art of our life in pictures.


I want others to be able to do the same with their home, so I’m creating a series, called Your Life As Art. In this series I’ll share ways to help turn your snapshots into art. Let me first share a few things:

  1. There is no magic recipe. You can do all the reading you want, the only way you will see continued improvement is to use your camera frequently and practice, practice, practice.
  2. You will want to learn Manual Mode. It may seem scary at first but again; practice, practice, practice and it becomes second nature. The beginning posts will be specific to this. Having your manual handy will help locate the different buttons on your camera.
  3. If you want art, be prepared to edit your pictures to some extent (boost the colors, straighten them, etc).
  4. Remember, art is subjective. What matters most is you love the images you are creating, because they are going on your walls.

Life As Art Assignment #1
The easiest assignment you will have on this journey…find your manual. For extra credit, start reading your manual. This will help you next week when we talk about the different modes you can shoot in besides Auto. It will be your first step to moving toward manual mode.

If there is something specific you want to learn, be sure to comment on my Facebook post.

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